Energy Storage

New World Generation is co-developing an electrical energy storage system.  The first portion of the system is compression. Air is compressed, with the heat of compression added back in, then stored in a pressured vessel.  The second portion of the system is the re-generation portion. The entire purpose of  re-generation is to recover the energy in the compression process and harvest the waste energy.  This is being done with a proprietary air motor.   The engineering team is focusing on maximizing the amount of energy out of a stream of compressed air to then run a generator.


The above system is undergoing performance testing and validation.  The fundamental purpose of energy storage is to move energy.  This system will not only move energy, but to move it efficiently.


 The value proposition of the system will focus on the following:


  • Increased duration of energy storage, up to 12 hours
  • Decreased cost of energy
  • Increased project life 20+ years
  • Increased efficiency without capacity fade





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