International Patents

As a Research and Development Company, and in effort to bring technology from mind to market, it is essential to hold strong intellectual property.  The company has applied for 30 patents, with 15 pending and 15 granted.  Patent applications have been filed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.


The patented technology surround:


  • Wind Turbines to Produce Electricity,
  • Multiple Generator Wind Turbines,
  • Wind Powered Hydro Electric Plants, and
  • Thermal Power Plants with Dual Storage.



Our Team

Paula Mayor


VP Technology Development


Paula leads the business and technology development for New World Generation and its subsidiaries.  Paula previously worked as a consultant to MPR Associates focusing on strategic growth strategies for the advancement of their medical device group.  MPR is a globally recognized engineering company based in Virginia, US.  Paula has been recognized for her Project Management work on the detailed design of a 2.0MW wind turbine drive train developed with McLaren Performance Engineering, in Guelph Ontario.


Currently, Paula is focused on the development of a compressed air energy storage system and is working with third party technical teams on the design, integration and optimization of this technology.


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