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NWG is innovative.  All design work completed to date does not simply re-work existing technology.  One external engineering company coined the NWG wind turbine drive as “step” technology, having never been done before.


While this type of research and development brings with it much excitement, it also brings with it added burdens of proof.   Often, existing standards and certification software could not be used, or used effectively with the design.  However, the advantages of the technology far outweigh the additional efforts required to bring them to the market place.


NWG has worked with talented people.  The company recognized that using third party expertise within the fields of aeronautics, thermodynamics, mechanical, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering, would bring greater value than continuing to hire internally.


In 2010, this proved true.  The patents approved for the wind turbine drive and software controls were valuated by a third party.  These patents were calculated to have an enterprise value of $24M CDN.





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